Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tonight I chose to take a walk outside in my Sexy pantyhose!  Let me tell you, it was a real good feeling.  I waited until late, like around 2:30A.M. and then I decided to take a risk.  I took a nice long walk down the street while wearing a pair of black shorts, some Sexy Black Cecilia de Rafael Uppsala pantyhose and my Chinese Super-Thin heel 6 Inch Platform stilletto Maiernisi Red-Bottom heels.  It was such a Sexy feeling finally being able to walk outside in my heels and pantyhose....I just Loved it!  Check out the photos...these are my legs and I am wearing the same thing I wore outside minus the black shorts and hoodie I had on.  I think I have some great legs...what do you think?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh the thrill of wearing outdoors...

Tonight I got a little crazy and decided to slide into some Sexy hosiery and heels and go outside for the first time and man oh man it was a rush!  I have never left the house while wearing pantyhose before and I was skeptical at first, due to the fact that I have lived in the same house/area for over 20 years.  I was always against doing this in fear that someone who knows me might see me and that would be some real embarrasment!  But tonight I got to thinking just how hot it could be to go outdoors wearing pantyhose and heels and not much else and what kind of adrenaline rush it would be.  It's not that I want anyone to see me in them, but I have just always fantastized about what it would be like to be more free with my obsession/fetish.  Well, about 20 minutes ago I experienced this and let me tell you it was such a pure high...a major adrenaline rush to feel what it is like to be outdoors with the wind blowing up my sexy little short satin top that I had on.  This thing just barely covers me, it only goes a little below my waist.  Anyways, the feel of the cool spring breeze blowing up my top and against my nylon-clad legs almost made me burst all over myself. It was amazing.  I had on that top and some sexy Victoria's Secret Glossy Smooth pantyhose in the beige shade and those same red & clear 8 inch platform slides and it was pure extasy going outdoors in my pantyhose and heels and sexy lingerie!  Mind you, I did this late after dark, it is like 3:30AM right now, so around 3 is when my adventure occured.  I am going to try something a little more risky next time.  Like maybe going for a walk in my heels and pantyhose, but I don't think the lingerie will suffice due to the fact that I could get arrested for indecent exposure if I get caught.  I will be wearing something that will cover me better so that I can do this without fear of going to jail dressed in pantyhose and heels.  I just wanted to share with everyone that I cannot believe just how powerfully sexy and horny it made me to go outside in just my pantyhose and heels, and being covered by only a tiny little satin top that was blowing all over the place and not covering up what it should have been!  All I can say is, what a Huge rush it is to do such a thing and I will be enjoying this same activity as much as possible from now on.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I just can't get over how Damn Sexy I feel when I wear Yummy hosiery!

Right now, I am just sitting here going thru the latest updates to my favorite pantyhose sites, and wearing my shiny Cinnamon Pretty Polly Italia 30 pantyhose and my sexy 8 inch clear/red platform slides feeling damn sexy! I just can't keep myself from stroking myself, it just Feels so Fucking good!  This is my daily routine after a long day at work, even though I work in the fashion industry and I sample pantyhose for a living (I know, what a dream job for someone like me right!)  I have been trying many different styles lately and I always come back to those Sexy Pretty Pollys...they are just SO Soft and Silky on my Sexy legs and feet!  I just can't get enough of them and the way they make me feel so incredibly sexy and powerful!